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Joe Black x Rain

Melanistic/Blue-line pairing.  Hatched February 2014
Joe Black’s profile
Rain’s profile
See my Joe Black x Rain holdbacks and Joe Black x Rain family portrait.

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Popcorn x Sissy

High yellow (OS x Biak) pairing with a lot of offspring variability.  Hatched October 2014
Popcorn’s profile
Sissy’s profile
See my Popcorn x Sissy holdbacks and Popcorn x Sissy family portrait.

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Perch x Isis

Sorong/Aru/Highland-type pairing that produced both red and yellow offspring.  I have fed up these two slowly but they are both great feeders.  Hatched March 2016
Perch’s profile
Isis’s profile
See my Perch x Isis Family Portrait.

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