♀ Bane

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Sire: Rodney, 2000
Dam: Sissy, 1999


ID#: KB-06-11
Sire: Rodney, JH-00
Dam: Sissy, JH-99

Bane was meant to stay with me from the beginning as she was the only trouble feeder I had from my 2006 Sissy x Rodney pairing. Her early antics allowed me to post my trouble feeder techniques videos that I hope have helped many frustrated neonate chondro feeders. She has matured into a gorgeous high yellow female that I'm certainly glad I ended up holding onto. She is the second highest yellow offspring from this clutch and I hope future breeding projects will allow her to pass on her beautiful color.

Pairings :
Sundrop, 2013 (all slugs, no copulations noted)

  • High Yellow / Tri-color
  • Sorong Lineage