♀ Isis

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Sire: Perch


ID#: KB-05-07
Sire: Perch, UNK-02
Dam: Chloe, UNK-01

Isis is from my first chondro breeding project in 2005 between Chloe x Perch. She was a maroon neonate whose baby triangles turned yellow. As hoped, she has a lot of blue like her sire but has the brighter green color like her dam. She is a laid back chondro much like her dam; a character trait that I hope will pass on with her good looks in future offspring. Isis turned blue around 5 years old, prior to being introduced to a male, and has only gotten bluer as she has matured.

Fleck, 2012

  • Highland Lineage
  • Sorong Lineage