♂ Popcorn – Sold


ID#: CGT-06-01
Sire: Splash, EB-98.82
Dam: Lucy, Unk

Popcorn came to me as an adult from David Bellis but he was produced by CaliGreenTrees. What makes Popcorn unique is that he is a high yellow who was a maroon baby. He is the offspring of a Biak female, Lucy, with unknown lineage, and Splash, a beautiful Ophiological Services high yellow male with a rich lineage that includes blue-line snakes that Trooper Walsh imported in the 70's. OS mixed in a John Hedger high yellow female (no background other than ID#) with this lineage and produced beautiful high yellow results. He had the honor of being paired with Sissy for her last breeding in 2014 and I look forward to seeing what his first clutch of babies looks like after ontogenetic change.

Sold to another breeder.

Mellow Yellow, 2011 (with David Bellis)
Sissy, 2014

  • High Yellow / Tri-color