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These babies are packed with solid high yellow and blue genetics and paired up well should produce some stunning results. See links below to sire and dam and holdbacks from this outstanding clutch. This was one of my easiest clutches ever to get started feeding.  All are solid feeders.  Sexed manually and not via DNA. Price does not include shipping via FedEx Priority Overnight.  As always, feeding cards, pictures, lineage information, and after sale support come with every purchase. I am not currently personally shipping internationally.  Payment plans of up to 90 days are available, please inquire for more info.  Also, please read our Terms of Sale.

Raven x Sunflower

See their outstanding sibling Raven x Sunflower holdbacks and the entire clutch portrait.

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Sire: Raven

Raven came from a high yellow pairing but has strong blue blood in his lineage that includes melanistic females like Greg Maxwell’s “Pepper.”

Dam: Sunflower

Sunflower was produced here at Southern Chondros from a Lemon Tree lineage.  This was her first pairing and she produced some outstanding results with Raven.