Terms of Sale

Please read the following Terms of Sale. By sending payment to and purchasing from Southern Chondros you are agreeing to these Terms of Sale. Southern Chondros reserves the right at any time to modify these Terms of Sale. Such modifications will be effective immediately for all customers. If you have any questions about any part of these terms, please feel free to contact Kimberly.

  • Payment

    My preferred method of payment for domestic payments is by debit card or credit card through my payment platform, which is integrated via an invoice that will be emailed to you. My preferred method of payment for international customers is an international bank transfer. Other forms of payment that I will accept are money orders, bank checks, and cashier’s checks made out to “Southern Chondros.” I will place a chondro on hold for up to a week while waiting for a payment or a deposit to arrive unless other arrangements are agreed upon. I will not sell a snake your snake to someone else while I am waiting for a payment to arrive in the mail.

    PayPal is not my preferred method of payment. Should you choose this payment method, shipping costs will not be included in the purchase price of your chondro.

    Payment must be received in full, including shipping costs if applicable, before animals can be picked up or shipped. Checks must clear before payments are considered received.  Deposits and payments in full are non-refundable unless I am unable to provide a healthy chondro as promised.

    Payment plans are sometimes available; please contact me for more information. At a minimum, I require a 10% (rounded up to the nearest hundred) or $100 (whichever is greater) non-refundable deposit to hold an animal. Deposits and all subsequent payments are non-refundable unless I am unable to provide a healthy chondro as promised.

    Shipping arrangements will be made after the final payment is received.

  • Domestic Shipping Policy

    The health and well-being of my chondros is my utmost priority when setting the shipping policy.  Shipping is at my discretion and I will only ship when temperatures are 38°F and above and below 90°F at origin and destination cities.

    I only ship domestically via FedEx Priority Overnight.  My firm policy is to drop off the snakes at my main FedEx hub in Raleigh, N.C., and for pick up on your end to occur at the main FedEx hub closest to you.  When shipping via FedEx I offer a full live arrival guarantee when you receive shipment from the nearest accepting hub to you and animals are picked up within two hours of the hub opening on the day of pickup.  My live arrival and 48-hour health guarantees are void if you insist on a receiving address other than the FedEx hub nearest you.  Please note:  The contract I signed with FedEx prohibits me from shipping to home addresses.

    Shipping costs are typically included in the price of all my chondros unless otherwise stated.  If the purchase price does not include shipping costs they must be paid in full before animals can be shipped.

    Animals paid for in full can be picked up in person at my home in North Carolina.

  • International Shipping Policy

    The number of chondros I expect to have available each year will determine if I will renew my personal United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) export license. When I am shipping internationally, I require at least two snakes in a shipment with a minimum value of $2,500. Fees you are responsible for include a $279 USFWS export inspection, $50 health inspection certificate fee, $450 estimated international destination shipping costs, and importation fees/taxes. Costs may vary if we choose to use a broker to organize the shipment and if more than one customer is included in the shipment. Timetable from start to finish for an international order can vary greatly, but expect four to eight months.

    In years I am not personally shipping internationally, I am happy to make arrangements to work with another U.S. breeder organizing a bigger group international shipment. I keep a running list each year of people interested in receiving a snake internationally and am willing to wait to be included in a larger shipment for their area of the world.

    If the international shipping arrangements are organized by another breeder or broker, I can only guarantee live arrival to that breeder or broker.

  • Sexing Policy

    None of my hatchlings are sexed.  I do not sex baby green tree pythons that are less than 100 grams, which is usually around a year of age, due to the possibility of damaging their fragile spines.  Spinal kinks can occur when trying to “pop” baby chondros.  If you require a sexed animal, please consider purchasing an older snake.

    Sexed chondros are occasionally offered for sale.  I have a good track record of correctly sexing chondros, but mistakes do happen.  In the event that a male chondro is incorrectly sexed by me as a female, a one-time credit of 25% of the sale price, up to $500, will be given.

  • Guarantee

    All sales of animals are final.  I must be made aware of any health issues within 48 hours of shipment arrival.  I cannot warranty any animal beyond the 48-hour period but I will do my best to help you with any husbandry or health issues that may arise.  As stated above, my live arrival and 48-hour health guarantees are void if you insist on a receiving address other than the FedEx hub nearest you.  I guarantee, at time of shipment, that animals are eating well and that they are healthy.  All babies will have taken at least 10 meals and have a solid feeding response.  They should continue to do well for you but once you take possession of the animal/s, you are responsible for its health and well-being.  Veterinary health certificates are available upon request.  Charges will vary depending on the level of testing you desire.  Some animals will require a period of adjustment before they will eat.

    I recommend any new addition to your collection be quarantined for a minimum of 30 days.  It is always wise to have your own exotic vet available.

    I care about every single animal that I sell and I want them to do well for you.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about your animals.

  • Your Responsibilities

    By purchasing from Southern Chondros it is presumed that you possess the skills required to keep chondros in an appropriate enclosure and healthy state.  You are, therefore, assumed to possess adequate knowledge of caging requirements such as, but not limited to: size, humidity, temperature, perch diameter, etc.  Naturally, I will gladly offer any assistance requested, but ultimate responsibility must be yours as the housing conditions will be completely under your control.

    Likewise, although I only sell chondros that have a healthy feeding response and readily eat for me (unless specifically stated otherwise), a change in environment, setting, etc. can be enough to disrupt a chondro’s feeding habits.  It is assumed that you possess the skills to be able to get a non-feeding chondro back to readily feeding.  I will always gladly offer any suggestions and tips should the need arise.  By purchasing from me, you will always get all the follow-up support you require.  I want your animal to thrive for you!

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