♂ Joe Black


ID#: GM-06-28
Sire: My Hobbit (Merauke outcross), TW-01-08
Dam: Pepper, AZ-96-14

Joe Black is one of the most outstanding melanistic chondros in the US today. He was a virtually patternless neonate produced by Greg Maxwell's Merauke Outcross x Pepper pairing. Joe Black has genetics tracing back to some of Trooper Walsh's first chondro pairings that went on to produce some of the most outstanding blue chondros. His siblings include many unbelievable chondros including Ella Diablo and Darth Sidious. Joe Black is the cornerstone of my melanistic chondro projects and, as an added bonus, may be heterozygous for albinism.

Pairings :
Rain, 2014

  • Blue Lineage
  • Melanistic