♀ Matilda

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ID#: JS-03-10
Sire: Switch, GM-00-02
Dam: Blondie, FWZ-97-03

*Retired* Matilda, a 25% Lemon Tree, produced by Jack Sadovnik, comes from an impressive line of high yellow animals from the Tim Turmezie Lemon Tree line of chondros. Her sire, Switch, is a Greg Maxwell animal out of Lilly x Gordon (2000) with an unusual amount of blue along his dorsum. Her dam, Blondie, is a HY Biak type from a Fort Worth Zoo pairing. Matilda's name comes from the Aussie song "Waltzing Matilda" because her green and gold colors remind my husband, Christian, of his birthplace.

Pairings :
Rodney, 2008, 2010, 2014

  • Biak Outcross
  • High Yellow / Tri-color