♂ Rodney


ID#: JH-00
Sire: WC
Dam: WC

Rodney is the product of a wild caught Biak x Sorong 2000 pairing by Janet Hickner. The greenest in his clutch of eight, his siblings are 60-90% yellow. Rodney developed into a beautiful, brilliantly colored snake with all the attitude of a Biak but without the bite. He is an avid breeder and an all around wonderful part of my collection. Rodney was paired with Sissy in 2004 and proved to pass on his high yellow genes. A repeat breeding of Rodney and Sissy in 2006 produced some stunning tri-colors and a few extreme high yellow chondros. He continues to pass on his high yellow genetics with multiple pairings with Matilda.

Deceased 2022

Pairings :
Sissy: 2004 (with Janet Hickner), 2006, 2009
Matilda: 2008, 2010, 2014