♀ Sissy


ID#: JH-99
Sire: WC
Dam: WC

*Retired after final clutch 2014* Sissy is the product of a wild caught Aru-type x Sorong in 1999 by Janet Hickner. Sissy's 1999 clutch was nicknamed "Golden Glowworms" by Trooper Walsh and she did indeed have a unique yellowish-green glow about her. She is a very large, gentle female who is always on the lookout for food. She is a proven breeder and has remained varying shades of light blue to Carolina blue after being bred to Rodney in 2006.. Her offspring include some extremely dark, high yellow, and tri-color standout animals. She produced babies with Popcorn for the final time in 2014. Unknown to me, she retained two eggs and months later shed them along with what we believe were her oviducts. She survived and is doing wonderfully, enjoying her permanent retirement.

Pairings :
Rodney, 2004, 2006, 2009
Perch, 2011 (all slugs)
Popcorn, 2014

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